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Character: Peter, Nathan and the parents.
Genre: Gen
Author: sylar
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 1100
Rating: PG
033. The spider brings luck. for 100_fairytales 56/100
Second Chances – Shinedown – vol3.week18
For not_a_billain

Yet another battle of wills

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Adrian will be part of a two-episode arc of Castle starting tonight.

You can read a full interview about the appearance on TVLine.

Some highlights from the interview:

TVLINE | If you could pick any of your past TV series to have run longer, which would you choose?
Profit. Without a doubt. That was television before its time, TV doesn’t get better than that. But David Greenwalt, one of the writer-producers on that show, has a new [pilot in development for NBC], called Grimm, and it is just as good. It’s amazing.

TVLINE | And Heroes? Dead, done, finito?
[Inhales sharply] Uh, yeah. I think it was done somewhere in the middle of Season 2, wasn’t it?
Title: We’ll Never Sleep (God Knows We’ll Try)
Author: hitlikehammers
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Juliet/Nathan
Word Count: 36,383
Summary: It’s coffee and cocktails and friends and foes. It’s death and drinks and waking up in her bed, in his arms. It’s the past and the present and the force when they collide, like fate and entropy and momentum; it’s something they don’t recognize, can’t remember, can’t ignore, and it’s up and down and in and out and for the record? They were screwed from square one. General Series Spoilers for Lost and Heroes.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot. Title is credit to Rilo Kiley.

We’ll Never Sleep (God Knows We’ll Try): Master Post

I come bearing fic.

Stormy Weather

A vignette - Nathan survived the attack in AIT, and is reflecting on his life.

All That Remains

Set during Vol. 2 - spiralling down after losing Peter.

Defying Gravity

Nathan finally discovers that everyone deserves the chance to fly.

The Quality Of Mercy

Meeting a younger Gabriel Gray makes Nathan wonder about the inevitability of fate, and find it in his heart  to reach out to an outcast.

Sleight Of Hand And Twist Of Fate

AU - a quirk of genetics changes Nathan Petrelli's life forever.
Title: Age(s) of the Geek, part 4 of 5.
Genre / Rating: gen AU; PG-13 for language and non-graphic references to violence.
Fandoms: Heroes, Leverage, and (slightly) White Collar.
Word count: 1,600 words.
Spoilers: for season 1 of Heroes and the pilot of White Collar; pre-canon for Leverage, so no spoilers.

Summary: Alec Hardison just can't work out how Nathan Petrelli won his 2006 Congress race. But he's got more important things on his mind right now, like getting the hell out of New York before FBI agent Peter Burke catches up with him...

Author's note: this is the 4th of 5 interconnected Leverage crossovers, all focusing on Hardison and his encounters with fellow geeks from various TV shows. It can be read independently, but it'll make more sense if you read the previous parts first:

Part 1 (Buffy crossover)
Part 2 (Veronica Mars crossover)
Part 3 (Doctor Who crossover)

Read part 4 at my journal.


[20] Heroes (Nathan Petrelli)


the rest found here


It's been pretty quiet here this year (for obvious reasons). So I just wanted to put out feelers...would any of you be interested in another Nathan ficathon? If so please reply to this post so I can gauge how many people might participate.

P.S. Sorry about the journal theme! Can't find the old stylesheet. This is just temporary.


# Fanvid: Mad World - Peter/Nathan

Title | Mad World
Song | 'Mad World' by Gary Jules
Character(s)/Pairing | Peter Petrelli/Nathan Petrelli
Details | Youtube Streaming // Download Link
About | Incest/Slash! A Petrellicest vid about how Peter and Nathan fell in love, how they dealt with their brothers/lovers relationship and how sex changes everything.


Trust me )
Title: Business Proposition
Author: ibonekeon
Rating: NC-17
Fandoms: Heroes/Gilmore Girls
Pairing: Nathan Petrelli/Jess Mariano
Disclaimer: I don't own Heroes or Gilmore Girls. They belong to their respective owners, I'm just playing in their sandbox.
Spoilers: Set in season 4 of Gilmore Girls, post 4.13 "Nag Hammadi Is Where They Found the Gnostic Gospels" and pre 4.20 "Luke Can See Her Face," so it's happening in 2004. No spoilers for Heroes, as this is pre-canon for that show.
Author's Note: Written for The Nathan Petrelli Memorial Kink Meme. This is the first of an ongoing series
Prompt: Nathan finds someone he can enact all of his repressed Peter related fantasies with. Jess will do anything for a price. Jess is his usual self: defensive, smart mouthed and a bit broken. Your choice whether Nathan responds to this with sympathy or aggression.

Link to my writing journal

Kink Meme!

The Nathan Petrelli Memorial Kink Meme is open for business, and needs prompts and writers! All Nathan all the time! Come on down! :)

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Nathan Petrelli Fanmix

Find it here at my community, dyssocialgrafix.

No need to join or friend, file is in .zip format containing .mp3 files, hosted on megaupload.
Icons :
Lost (40) including 2 Heroes/Lost crossover icons
The Closer (13)
Heroes (10)
CSI: NY (08)
Old-ish Challenge Icons (10) (including Harry Potter, True Blood and Were the World mine) 10

Clickedy click!!!

Ground Zero (Heroes/LOST Crossover)

Title: Ground Zero
Author: missy_useless
Fandoms: Heroes, Lost
Characters: Nathan Petrelli, Jack Shephard
Pairings: mild Nathan/Jack, allusions to other pairings
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 1653
Spoilers: Lost: up to 5X17; Heroes: through the first half of S3
Warnings: implied Nathan/Peter (i.e. incest)
Disclaimer: Heroes and Lost belong to their respective creators.
A/N: Special thanks to angela_weber for beta-reading. Written for the xover_exchange. Also for sacred_20: Messiah.
Summary: A bomb explodes. A plane doesn't crash. They meet by coincidence.

(Ground Zero)
Here's a brand new Dawn Oliveri (Lydia) interview. She says some interesting things about where this season might be headed and ~reveals~ her perception of the Pasdar ~situation~. (I'll stop with the tildes any minute now.) Thought you guys would be interested, I certainly was.

'Heroes' exclusive: Lydia speaks!

Friday, December 11 2009, 13:09 GMT

By Dan French, US TV Editor

spoilers up to the last aired episodeCollapse )


I don't care how you feel about Lydia, I think she's awesome. Although knowing Tim Kring, girl may have just lost herself a job.
Title: All That Remains
Author: Jessy (@ IJ ; @ LJ)
Pairing: Nathan/Claire
Rating: Strong R (this part ) ; overall a rating of NC-17 due to one smut scene (Part Three)
Summary: (AU!fic) What do you do when the life you thought you knew turns out to be a lie? Nathan Petrelli and Claire Bennet are about to find out.
Warnings: AU. Incest. Character Death
Word Count: Around 25,000
Spoilers: Goes AU after Homecoming. However, bits and pieces through Volume 4 may be used for plot purposes.
Disclaimer: Not mine. I wish they were, but they aren't. So please don't sue!
Notes: As I said in every other part, this is a very AU fic. However, if you've made it this far, then clearly you know the hows and whys, so I'll spare explanations and just say thank you to everyone who has followed this fic and provided such wonderful feedback. I hope this final part lives up to your expectations.

{Prologue | Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten | Part Eleven | Part Twelve (NEW) | Epilogue (NEW)}


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